Four kilograms of ecstasy discovered between foods – Two drug smugglers in detention

As part of the increased border surveillance with the Netherlands, federal police officers discovered four kilograms of ecstasy in the car of two Vietnamese citizens. The two drug smugglers are now in custody.

A patrol of the federal police stopped a car registered in Berlin in a parking lot on Autobahn 30 and checked the 58-year-old driver and his 48-year-old passenger with the border police.

Hidden between fish and other food, the federal police discovered two bags with a total of around four kilograms of ecstasy tablets in the trunk of the car while checking the car. A bag containing around 500 grams of a previously unknown substance was also found. Exactly which drug is involved must first be examined in the laboratory.

The two vehicle occupants were provisionally arrested for illegally importing a significant amount of narcotics and handed over to officials at the Essen customs investigation office for further investigation.

The confiscated ecstasy alone has a value of around 32,000 euros in street sales.

At the request of the public prosecutor’s office in Osnabrück, a judge at the Nordhorn district court yesterday issued a pre-trial warrant against the two drug smugglers. They were taken to a correctional facility.