French-led Combined Task Force 150 seizes $27.7 million worth of illicit narcotics in the Indian Ocean

The French Navies ocean patrol ship FS Champlain (A623), operating in support of the French-led Combined Task Force (CTF) 150, seized an estimated $27.7 million worth of methamphetamine during an interdiction operation in the Indian Ocean on Oct 27.

CTF 150 is the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) maritime security task force. Their mission is to maintain maritime security and deter illicit activity in international waters outside the Arabian Gulf.

Capt. Yannick Bossu, French Navy and commanding officer of CTF 150 noted, this is the third seizure since France took command of CTF 150 in July 2023.

“The crew of the Champlain seized 596kg of the drug and once again, the international partnership of the Combined Maritime Forces demonstrates its operational effectiveness to improve maritime security in the Indian ocean.” he remarked. CMF strengthens maritime security in its area of operations, by countering activities that finance terrorism and international crime. This is the 12th time France has taken command of CTF 150 since 2002.