From Ukraine to the West

Officers from the Bieszczady Border Guard Department detained 6 citizens of Yemen and 2 citizens of Somalia who had illegally crossed the border from Ukraine to Poland. The countries of Western Europe were supposed to be the destination of their hike.

The foreigners were detained in a mountainous and forested area near Arłamów in Podkarpacie. While observing the area, officers from the Border Guard Post in Huwniki noticed a group of young people coming from Ukraine . It turned out that they were men aged 17 to 23. In the course of their explanations, they admitted to illegally crossing the Polish border.

They explained that they had entered Ukraine legally, but from there they decided to go together to the west of Europe. The navigation on the phone was to help them on their journey. At the time of their detention, the immigrants were in good physical condition. In their backpacks they had clothes for a change and money for the further journey. There areongoing activities related to the transfer of foreigners by readmission back to Ukraine.