Frontex and France run pilot project to ease travel across borders

Frontex is running a technology pilot project together with the Ministry of Interior of France as part of the agency’s efforts to provide Member States with solutions to facilitate traveller movements across borders. The project invites volunteers to answer a standard border control questionnaire before or while travelling by ferry to the Port of Saint-Malo in France.

The intended participants are non-European Union citizens coming to the EU for a short stay. The website is used to test the impact of self-registration on overall processing times and the potential of a self-serviced mobile application for further improvements in border control.

During the project, Frontex is collecting feedback from participants to better understand their expectations and improve the tool. The outcome and lessons learned from this project, as well as the website itself, will be made available to the European Commission and Member States, should they wish to use this tool in the future.

Member States are currently preparing for the implementation of the Entry Exit System which will introduce changes to the process at the border for many travellers. This new system will provide opportunities for greater use of automated or self-serviced tools, which could improve the travel experience and help expedite the crossing. For more information on the Entry and Exit System, please visit the European Commission’s dedicated website EES (