Frontex Technology Foresight on Biometrics: update

In the beginning of the year, Frontex met with Steinbeis 2i, the winner of the tender for the provision of a Technology Foresight on Biometrics for the Future of Travel, to kick-off a research study on the impact of emerging biometric technologies on facilitating the border crossing at the EU external borders.

The purpose of the study will be to examine how to maximise future benefits of biometrics technology in border management while minimising its risks and ensuring full compliance with the existing legal, ethical and technological constraints.

Frontex will publish regular updates on the study’s progress, as well as the tools and methods used to carry out the research.

The project has now concluded its first phase: Defining the Methodology and Setting the Context. In this first update, you can read about the different stages of the study and the overarching foresight methodology that will be used to understand how biometric technologies can shape the future of travel.