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Georgia chooses HERMES for country’s border management solution

The WCC Group has announced that their HERMES API/PNR system has been deployed by the Government of Georgia to enhance border security, combat cross-border crime and improve counterterrorism initiatives in the country.

Over the past two-and-a-half decades, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has been assisting the Georgian Government in developing an effective migration system, one that recognizes the complex challenges of modern-day border management. More recently, the national government and the IOM determined that an API/PNR system would present the most effective way of meeting these challenges. After surveying the available API systems, Georgia has become the latest WCC customer, adopting the HERMES Border Management and Passenger Screening Solution.

Georgia selected HERMES from a competitive field partly because of its intuitive, user-friendly end-user interface and the additional offer of support and guidance to the State Security Service of Georgia across all steps of the implementation process. HERMES’ other impressive credentials, including how it can bolster airport security by automatically matching data against known watchlists and connecting with airlines directly, also influenced Georgia’s decision to become a WCC customer.

Within two weeks of starting the project, HERMES was installed, and the end-users were trained. After six months, the system went live, with the first airline providing passenger data through a connection arranged by WCC.

We are proud that the country of Georgia has chosen WCC’s HERMES to manage its passenger data; we were impressed by its staff’s expertise. Its experienced IT personnel quickly understood our technology, and the law enforcement and analyst end users rapidly valued HERMES’ advanced analytical features. Our unique solution meets the security requirements of all law enforcement agencies, regardless of size, and reinforces border security without blocking passenger flow. We look forward to forging a close relationship with our new customer.

Jan Jensen, CEO of the WCC Group

Georgian experience of working with WCC continues to be delightful from the very beginning till this day. Despite the hardships of the global pandemic, the workflow offered by their staff has been consistent and outstanding. Their professionalism helped us with all sorts of issues that arose during the implementation process of HERMES. Georgia remains hopeful of maintaining a strong alliance with WCC in the coming times.

Georgia’s Senior Government Official