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Goods likely to be counterfeited, worth over 6.8 million lei, detected in the Romanian Port of Constanța

Border police officers from the Coast Guard, together with customs inspectors from the Constanța – South Agigea Border Customs Office discovered in the Port of Constanța, in a container arrived from China, 28,100 mobile phone accessories, worth approximately 6,800,000 lei, goods that infringe the intellectual property rights of well-known brands.

After thorough checks, it was found that inside the container there were 28,100 mobile phone accessories (headphones and chargers), which bore the insignia of well-known brands, being likely to affect the intellectual property rights of the brand owner.

The goods, with a value of approximately 6,800,000 lei if they had been marketed as branded products, were seized for expert examination and continued research.