Huge cigarette smuggling was thwarted

Officers from the Polish Border Guard Department and the Lublin National Revenue Administration from Koroszczyn prevented the smuggling of nearly 200,000. packs of cigarettes. Illegal tobacco products were hidden in a truck driving in from Belarus. The market value of the retained cigarettes is over PLN 2.7 million.

At the border crossing point in Koroszczyn, during the inspection of a truck carrying mashed potatoes from Belarus to Germany, officers scanned the vehicle with X-rays. This study revealed that there are also boxes of cigarettes hidden between the legally transported goods.

On the trailer, the officers found a total of 194.9 thousand. packets of cigarettes without Polish excise stamps, the value of which has been estimated at over PLN 2.7 million.

The truck driver was questioned and testified that he knew nothing about the cigarettes hidden in the vehicle. Further investigation is carried out under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office.