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Human Smuggling Attempt Thwarted on St Clair River

Detroit Sector Border Patrol agents arrest three foreign nationals during a smuggling attempt on the St. Clair River near Algonac early Tuesday morning.

Border Patrol agent standing along the St Clair River with shoulder patch showing
Agents thwart human smuggling attempt 

On August 2nd, at approx. 3am, Border Patrol dispatch monitoring the Remote Video Surveillance System observed a vessel on the St. Clair River near Algonac cross the international border near a historically known smuggling route. Dispatch officials immediately notified agents in the area of a possible smuggling incident taking place.

Marysville agents on patrol were able to respond to the area and immediately encountered three people near the location where dispatch had last observed the vessel headed towards the United States.  An agent interviewed the three subjects, whom all admitted to having just crossed the border from Canada in a boat. The three subjects were taken into custody and transported to the Border Patrol station for processing.

During processing it was confirmed that one of the subjects was a 53-year-old male Dominican National, along with a pair of females aged 25 and 26 from Mexico.

“Intercepting this was made possible by technology and the teamwork of our agents and support personal. I am proud of the vigilance and dedication to duty displayed by the men and women of Detroit Sector.” Said Chief Patrol Agent Robert Danley.

All subjects will be processed accordingly.