Hungarian National Police Arrest 18 Irregular Migrants in 24 hours

In 3 separate incidents, the Hungarian National Police arrested 18 irregular migrants entering the country illegally.

As part of a four-county operation, police inspected a Polish Mercedes car in the Komárom area. In addition to the Polish driver, five other men claiming to be Syrian citizens were traveling in the stopped vehicle.

The passengers of the car could not provide credible proof of the legality of their stay in Hungary, as well as their identity, therefore the police arrested the driver and the foreigners.

Police found eight border violators hiding in a cargo of a Polish truck at the Tompa Road Border Crossing.

During their inspection, the men declared themselves to be Afghan citizens, but they could not provide credible evidence of their identity or the legality of their stay in Hungary.

Police officers serving in the Bács-Kiskun county border section arrested five foreigners in the administrative area of ​​Hercegszántó. The members of the group claimed to be Syrian citizens.

Illegal migrants entered Hungary illegally.

The border violators could not credibly prove their identity or the legality of their stay in Hungary, therefore the uniformers will escort them back to the temporary security border lock in accordance with the Hungarian legislation in force.