IDEMIA invests further in APAC Border processing capability platform

Gen 3.0’ platform to expand on the collaboration with strategic border customers in the Asia Pacific region

Building on its recently renewed business in the region, IDEMIA is expanding its investment in its people in Canberra and Sydney.

The growing organization is driven by the adaptation of the Gen 3.0 Border & Airport platform for the local market with a portfolio of solutions for a seamless traveller experience across the whole Border and Airport process.

The teams are placed as close as possible to customer operations to foster innovation and incubate new concepts, whilst being part of IDEMIA’s global innovation community and benefiting from its worldwide and multi-sectorial research and development capacity.

This leading edge passenger facilitation capability was refined and productised for scalability through IDEMIA’s work with the award winning Singapore Changi airport in Terminals 3 and 4 and is now being further adapted to the other markets in Asia Pacific.

The Gen 3.0 platform is built on IDEMIA’s world leading technology in contactless biometrics: a highly scalable and industrial biometric engine and on the move to contactless sensors for Face, Iris and Fingerprint recognition. It is a proven and ready to deliver on a vision of contactless passenger processing at the airport.

The suite includes an innovative walkthrough eGate, designed for the free flow of passengers while guaranteeing they are seen, recognised and cleared by authorities. The new solution is also designed to alleviate some of the pressures on authorities where most legitimate travellers will be processed in self service and Officers will intervene by exception, being empowered by mobile-based business applications allowing Officers to operate while roaming the airport floor.

A significant part of the suite is already deployed in airports across Asia Pacific and with the additional investment in its Australian footprint IDEMIA will reinforce further its capacity to deliver.

Tim Ferris, IDEMIA’s President for Asia Pacific Region, said: “The Asia Pacific region is at the forefront of Border & Airport innovation and it remains a strategic growth market for IDEMIA. Through the expansion of our capacity in Australia, we will better support our customers in the region and continue the development of a very successful suite of products and solutions for the global markets

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