Illegal immigrants detained after the chase

Border Guard officers from Ustrzyki Górne detained a group of ten illegal immigrants from Afghanistan. A 25-year-old Polish citizen helped them in the procedure by making an unsuccessful attempt to escape.

In Brzegi Górne (Bieszczady district), on the road leading directly to the state border, officers from the Bieszczady OSG tried to stop Toyota for road control on Silesian registration plates. Despite the clear signals given by the officers, the driver did not stop and, increasing his speed, drove towards Dwernik.

After a ten-kilometer chase, the car was stopped. In addition to the driver, a 25-year-old Polish citizen, there were also ten Afghan citizens aged 16 to 50 in the bus. During interviews, it was established that most of them first went to Moscow, from where they got to Ukraine. Then, under the cover of night, they illegally crossed the mountain section of the Polish-Ukrainian border, and a few hours later they were picked up by the driver. Everyone wanted to get to the countries of Western Europe, and the whole journey took over 40 days. The Afghans paid 6,000 to 10,000 zlotys for organizing the transfer.

Thye pleaded guilty to crossing the border illegally and were sentenced to six months’ imprisonment suspended for two years. On Saturday, as part of the readmission agreement, they were handed over to the Ukrainian side.