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Italian Mafiosa wanted in Italy for international drug smuggling, arrested by the Spanish Civil Guard

The Spanish Civil Guard, in a new phase of the so-called Operation TRICOLORE, has arrested in Barcelona the Italian citizen GT, 42 years old, a native of Vibo Valentia -Calabria- (Italy) and considered to have fled from the Italian authorities since 2017 , after being sentenced to a sentence of more than 19 years in prison for crimes related to international drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal organization, specifically the N’Drangheta mafia. The investigations carried out by the Civil Guard agents for the location and arrest of the fugitive from the Italian justice, have revealed that he was residing in our country for more than three years to evade the action of justice .

Specifically, the detainee resided in the heart of Barcelona, ​​where he went completely unnoticed, not maintaining contact with neighbors and drawing attention to his daily routine, although, while traveling, he took security measures to detect possible surveillance to which he could to be subdued, aware of his condition as a fugitive from justice.

The modus operandi of these people who, once convicted in their country decide to evade the action of justice, is to move to other countries, in the case of Italians, Spain is the most appreciated country, staying in hiding, for which they are They provide forged documents and lead a discreet life, without great luxuries that could attract attention, to be able to dedicate themselves to their illicit activity in more directive functions, transferring the execution activities to other unclaimed members of the organization.

The detainee was approached by agents of the Barcelona Civil Guard in the vicinity of the Plaza de la Universidad in the same city, when he was leaving his home.

The operation has been carried out by agents of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of the Catalonia Area together with the Team for Fleeing Justice of the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the same Corps.

This arrest, like the one carried out a few weeks ago by the Civil Guard on the Italian citizen FS in Malaga, within Operation TRICOLORE-SENTINELLA, is the result of the fluid collaboration of the Civil Guard with the ROS (Reaggruppamento Operativo Speciale ) of the Italian Carabinieri Weapon.