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Lithuanian SBGS officials detained another 150 illegal migrants

Most of the 150 illegal migrants have already applied for asylum in Lithuania. All foreigners will be tested for COVID-19 and isolated until results are available. The circumstances of the events are being clarified, investigations are underway. The Migration Department, which processes such applications, and the Lithuanian Red Cross Society have been informed about asylum seekers.

A total of 822 illegal migrants from Belarus tried to enter Lithuania this year. That number is ten times higher than it was throughout 2020. Last year, 81 such foreigners were detained at the Lithuanian border. 2019 46 illegal migrants were caught by border guards in 2018; – 104, 2017 – 72.

Among the detainees on the border with Belarus this year are mostly Iraqi citizens or foreigners who have introduced themselves – 481. Also detained are citizens of Iran, 51 Syria, 46 Belarus, 28 Russia, 13 Guinea, 12 Turkey, 10 Sri Lanka and other countries. These citizenship statistics may change over the years of the survey and, more accurately, the nationality of detainees over the last day.

With the recent sharp increase in the number of such cases, the SBGS has strengthened border security with Belarus. In addition to various organizational measures, officials from other SBGS units were seconded to this section and additional technical resources were allocated. In addition, border guards have been assisted by forces from the Public Security Service, the Riflemen’s Union and other institutions, and officials from the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, FRONTEX, are starting to work on the border with Belarus.