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Managing Customs on the Saudi Arabian/ Jordan border

Saudi Arabia shares a land border with Jordan. This border is managed on the Saudi side using advanced Artificial Intelligence based video analytics technology from iOmniscient.

A key transit point between the two countries is in the small town of Al Hadithah. The Customs Department of Saudi Arabia has responsibility for ensuring the smooth flow of goods into and out of their country through this check point which stands out as a brilliant example of the use of advanced technology for Customs Management.

Implementation Partners: The systems integration division of STC, Saudi Arabia’s pre-eminent Telco was the prime contractor for the project. CISCO provided the networking technology required. iOmnsicient provided the comprehensive Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solution.

Ismail Sherif, CISCO’s Manager for Smart and Connected Cities Division in the Middle East said, “CISCO and STC chose iOmniscient for several reasons. They had the most comprehensive AI based solution required for a customs environment with a track record of very sophisticated implementations in several countries. CISCO has worked with iOmniscient on numerous smart cities in the USA, India and elsewhere and we have developed a deep respect for the robustness of their solutions relative to all the other systems that were available to us. Above all iOmniscient always delivered what they promised which is very refreshing in the current environment where often there is more hype than substance.”

Technology Provided: The AI technology provided included a behaviour analytics and counting solution designed to work in very crowded and complex environments. This combined with iOmniscient’s multi-lingual License Plate Recognition system and its award winning Face Recognition system provided a multi-faceted system focused on ensuring security and improving the productivity of Customs Officers. The uniqueness of iOmniscient’s Face Recognition system is that it works at long distances in crowds as was necessary at Al-Hadithah

iOmniscient’s sophisticated Health Check system ensured that the system could not be hacked, sabotaged or defeated maliciously or through poor operations.

iOmniscient’s Professional Services team provided the turnkey implementation on time and on budget.

 IOmniscient’s worldwide network of 6 support centers ensures that Saudi Customs continues to receive 24×7 support despite the remoteness of their facility.

iOmniscient’s software works exclusively on Intel hardware and on Intel’s novel OpenVino architecture without the need for third party GPUs, greatly reducing the overall cost of the solution.

Implemented across 200 cameras the system is a major step in helping Saudi Customs move forward on its journey towards completely autonomous operations.