More than 10,000 packs of cigarettes and 434 kg of tobacco confiscated on Romanias northern border

At the Petea Border Crossing Point, Satu Mare County, a Romanian citizen, aged 27, from Maramureş County, showed up to perform the control formalities specific to leaving Romania. He was driving a van registered in Romania.

Acting on the basis of a risk analysis, the border guards carried out a thorough check on the vehicle. The driver stated that he was carrying glass cups and a sweetener, but during our checks, our colleagues found that, in fact, the packages contained cigarettes from outside the EU. In one of the pallets, apparently loaded with handmade glasses, packs of cigarettes were found in 14 packages. Also, in two other boxes that, according to the documents, should have contained a sweetener, were bags of hookah tobacco.

The inventory resulted in the quantity of 7,300 packs of cigarettes, worth 85,410 lei and 434 kg of hookah tobacco , worth 43,400 lei. The goods were seized in order to continue the investigations, and the person in question is being investigated for the crime of smuggling.