More than 36,000 packs of cigarettes were confiscated on the border with Ukraine

Last week, at the level of the Brodina Police Sector , Suceava County, an action was launched to combat cigarette smuggling, in the area of ​​responsibility.

Thus, around 11.20 pm, our workers identified on the Nisipitu-Lupcina communication, an abandoned Mitshubischi Shogun all-terrain vehicle, without license plates, inside which several packages containing contraband cigarettes were observed.

The car and the packages were transported to the headquarters of the sector, where, following the inventory, resulted in a quantity of 13,960  packs of cigarettes, of extra-community origin.

The cigarettes worth 163,332 lei were confiscated, and the off-road car worth 6,000 lei was made unavailable at the headquarters of the sector in order to continue the investigations.

During surveillance and control missions in the area of ​​competence, the border police officers from the Valea Vişeului Border Police Sector discovered, on 06.10.2021, near the state border, in the direction of Valea Vişeului, Maramureș County, 24 of packages with cigarettes hidden under the vegetation.

The cigarette boxes were taken to the headquarters of the sector for confiscation, and following the inventory, the amount of 20,656 packs of cigarettes resulted, in a total value of 242,000 lei.

The border policemen from the Territorial Service of the Maramureș Border Police also discovered, yesterday, near the state border, in the direction of the border locality Lunca la Tisa, Maramureș County, two packages of cigarettes, from Duty-Free origin.

The area was monitored, and as soon as possible, the Ukrainian authorities were notified about the event, in order to jointly investigate the case.

Next, the boxes were transported to the service headquarters, where after inspecting the packages, the amount of 1,499 packs of cigarettes, amounting to 17,500 lei, resulted.

In all cases , investigations are carried out in terms of committing the crime of smuggling, while conducting checks to identify the persons involved and document the entire criminal activity.