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New foster+freeman VSC9000: Document Examination Workstation for the detection of counterfeit, forged, and altered documents.

foster+freeman has announced the VSC9000, a revolutionary document examination workstation designed to empower border security agencies with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in document authentication.

From Forensics to the Frontlines: Building upon the trusted legacy of VSC technology, the VSC9000 brings forensic-grade document interrogation capabilities to the fast-paced world of border security. Equipped with a high-performance optical and illumination system, it equips security personnel with the tools to:

  • Authenticate legitimate travel documents
  • Reveal sophisticated forgeries
  • Identify evidence of tampering or manipulation

Unmatched Accuracy in Every Detail:  The VSC9000 captures high-resolution images at magnifications ranging from 0x to 480x, allowing for meticulous examination of even the most microscopic details. These images can be further analysed using a powerful suite of forensic tools, including:

  • Multi-spectral and hyperspectral imaging
  • 3D surface analysis
  • Micro spectrometry
  • Digital image enhancement
  • Forensic-level access to eChip biometric data

A Collaborative Effort for Enhanced Security: 

foster+freeman has spent over four decades collaborating with document examiners, security feature manufacturers, and document issuers to understand the evolving needs of document security. This deep understanding is reflected in the VSC9000’s innovative features:

  • Unmatched combination of inspection and interrogation tools
  • Cutting-edge examination technologies
  • User-friendly interface for efficient workflow

The Ultimate Verdict in Document Authentication: 

By providing a comprehensive and efficient solution, the VSC9000 delivers the ultimate verdict in document authentication, making it the ideal choice for:

  • Criminal investigations
  • Border and immigration security
  • Any application where document integrity is critical

The VSC9000 empowers border security agencies to combat sophisticated forgery attempts and safeguard national borders with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.