One of the most important traffickers of the African Cocaine Route was arrested and two tons of drugs seized

Within the framework of an operation by the National Police, with the authorities of Ghana and the Ivory Coast, one of the most important traffickers of the African Cocaine Route has been arrested and two tons of drugs have been seized. Investigated for years by the National Police as allegedly responsible for a large number of drug trafficking operations, he has been arrested by the Ivory Coast authorities. In the operation, nine other people have been arrested as members of this organization that trafficked – by sea and air – with cocaine from South America to Africa and then Europe. It is estimated that between 50 and 60 tons of this narcotic substance pass through this route annually.

Investigation Development

UDYCO CENTRAL managed to identify a Spanish network that operated in Africa, from where they directed their base of operations, to receive and carry out shipments of large quantities of cocaine to Europe. After several steps, and jointly with the Ivory Coast authorities, the agents were able to confirm that there were two Spaniards, aboard a ship at risk of sinking some 300 nautical miles off the Ghanaian coast, who were rescued by salvage maritime. The men initially refused to board the ship that came to their aid, a fact that raised the suspicions of the agents. During this period of drifting, the sailors maintained communications with a Spanish friend of theirs who also lived in the Ivory Coast, who contacted the Spanish embassy in Abidjan. 

On the other hand, the Ivory Coast authorities received a complaint in relation to an altercation that took place in a hotel between a Colombian citizen and prostitutes he had hired. When they went to the scene, the agents discovered 168 kilos of cocaine, for which the man, who turned out to be the organization’s cook, was arrested. Due to this arrest, the main defendant began the escape accompanied by his mother, his wife and his son, as well as one of the sailors, members of the organization. 

Outcome of the operation

After subsequent searches in the company of the main person under investigation, the agents located more than 1.8 tons of cocaine, for which the main accused was arrested, who had a history of drug trafficking, explosives and weapons, as well as falsifying identity documents. identity. At that time, the Ivory Coast authorities arrested the entire clan as they tried to cross the border and leave the country. 

The operation resulted in the arrest of ten people and the seizure of two tons of cocaine at the headquarters of the Ivory Coast company, with facilities in the port town of San Pedro, located next to the border with Liberia.