Over $236K Worth of Marijuana Seized by US Border Patrol

Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol (RGV) agents interdicted two narcotics smuggling attempts resulting in the seizure nearly 300 pounds of marijuana.

On Dec. 11, Rio Grande City Border Patrol Station (RGC) agents working near La Grulla, Texas, encountered several shoe prints heading away from the Rio Grande. Suspecting an illegal entry had occurred, agents followed the shoe prints to an abandoned house. RGC agents along with officers from La Grulla Police Department, convened at the residence and encountered five people and four bundles of marijuana inside. Agents seized the bundles of marijuana and determined all subjects were illegally present within the United States. The marijuana and subjects were transported to the station for further processing. The weight of the marijuana is approximately 185 pounds and is worth over $147K.   

On Dec. 10, Brownsville Border Patrol Station agents working near Brownsville, Texas, received information of a black GMC pickup truck attempting an incursion on a makeshift raft over the Rio Grande. As agents responded to the area, they observed the vehicle stuck on the United States riverbank and several subjects absconding with bundles back to Mexico. Agents were able to extract eight bundles of marijuana from the vehicle with a weight of approximately 112 pounds. The seized marijuana is valued at over $89K.