Over 7.6 million. filters for cigarettes detained by Bulgarian customs officers

ustoms officers of Rousse Customs Territorial Directorate prevented the smuggling of over 7. 6 million cigarette filters.
On 28.02.2023. at 07:00 customs officers stop for thorough customs inspection a truck in the area of BCP Danube Bridge 2-Vidin, driven by a Bulgarian citizen.

The driver presents documents to the customs authorities stating that he is transporting two pallets of rubber boots and 72 pallets of insoles to Slovakia.

On physical inspection of the goods, the inspectors found that only the first rows of the cargo were declared goods and the pallets contained boxes of 120 mm monoacetate filters at the rear.

The total quantity of 120 mm monoacetate filters detected and seized by customs inspectors is 7 693 056 pieces. It was found that the company entered in the transport documents as the consignor did not exist. Initial indications suggest that this is raw material for illegal cigarette production in another European country. These filters could produce 46 158 336 cigarettes.