Overdue oatmeal and … PLN 4 million cigarettes without excise duty

Border Guard officers together with KAS officers commandeered over 5.5 million cigarettes without Polish excise stamps. The value of tobacco products was estimated at over PLN 4 million.

Illegal goods were transported by a 35-year-old resident of the Kłodzko poviat. The man has been arrested. The incident occurred on March 26.

A 35-year-old driver driving a truck from the Czech Republic to Ukraine tried to avoid answering police officers’ questions about the load being transported. A resident of the Kłodzko poviat only testified that he was going to Ukraine.

After opening the semitrailer, it turned out that the man was carrying oatmeal with inscriptions in Russian, whose expiry date has long passed.

During further inspection, the officers found cartons filled with cigarettes of a known brand without any excise stamps, hidden behind pallets with expired petals .

The value of illegal goods – a total of 5,760,000 cigarettes – was valued at over PLN 4 million. The driver has been stopped. Further actions in this matter will be carried out by the Tax Administration Chamber in Opole.