Parsons Corporation Launches Touchless, Biometric Sensing COVID Solution

As parts of the world continue to reopen during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, society must reactivate while remaining committed to the health, safety and security of global citizens. With that in mind, Parsons Corporation has developed an integrated, touchless suite of solutions that will monitor real-time health and facilitate the safe movement of people in public areas.

The offering – known as DetectWise™ – includes contactless, mobile health screening kiosks, and modular testing and decontamination facilities to keep the public safe in high-traffic areas like border crossings, airports, shopping malls, corporate buildings and sports stadiums. Contactless, mobile health screening systems will monitor the flow of movement and identify high-risk individuals so that steps can be taken to prevent them from mingling with the general population.

“The world of tomorrow looks far different than it did several months ago, and it’s critical that companies like Parsons continue developing innovative technology that helps society return to a safe living and work environment as soon as possible,” said Carey Smith, president and chief operating officer of Parsons. “DetectWise uses sensors and cameras to measure body temperature, heart rate and respiration rate that will help our customers better understand if an individual is symptomatic for the COVID-19 virus, allowing them to take steps necessary to minimize the risk of spreading the disease.”

Modular facilities will be valuable as public life resumes and testing capabilities are needed outside of traditional healthcare settings. In conjunction with mobile health screening kiosks, testing facilities can help better evaluate issues affecting an individual’s health and identify potential risks.