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Perfumes, handbags and purses for over 3 million leva were detained by Bulgarian customs officers

More than 55 000 perfumes and nearly 6000 bags and purses with figurative images and inscriptions of various trademarks were detained in the area of the Kulata BCP by the Operational Control Sector of the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Department of Sofia Customs on suspicion of infringing intellectual property rights.

The perfumes were found in a truck travelling from Greece to Poland, which was diverted and escorted for a thorough customs inspection at the MB Tower. The perfumes were part of a cargo of various household goods, toys and stationery. During the physical inspection, the customs inspectors found that the fragrances were labeled with famous luxury brands, which raised suspicion that intellectual property rights were being infringed. Customs officials counted 17 different varieties with a total quantity of 55,450 perfumes and toilet waters.

A day later, during a similar inspection of another truck travelling the same route, customs officials found a total of 5,830 items – bags and purses from three luxury brands, which were also detained on suspicion of infringing intellectual property rights.

In both cases, the trademark holders have been notified and could take legal action to protect their intellectual property.