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Philippines BOC Receives Radiation Detection Equipment from the US

The Philippines Bureau of Customs (BOC) received radiation detection equipment from the United States Department of Energy Nuclear Smuggling Detection and Deterrence (US DOE NSDD) for stronger border protection and security capability.

The US donation of 4 Radioisotope Identification Device Radseeker CS and 2 Radiation Pagers will support the detection operations of the Megaports Radiation Detection System installed at selected ports – Port of Manila, Manila International Container Port and Port of Cebu.

The equipment shall complement the existing border security equipment and programs of the Bureau specifically in the detection of radiological and nuclear materials. The donations are expected to enhance the Philippine’s capability in monitoring and protecting the country’s border against the entry of radioactive materials that could be used in making nuclear weapons.

Customs Commissioner Rey Leonardo B. Guerrero, in his message, thanked the US government for the logistical support extended to BOC towards improvement of its trade control systems and border security measures. The ceremonial turnover was attended by Economic Counselor for US Embassy Manila, Mr. David Gamble; Deputy Economic Counselor, Ms. Zeenat Syed; and Economic Officer, Mr. Douglas Fowler. Other BOC officials present at the ceremony are Enforcement Group (EG) Deputy Commissioner Teddy Sandy Raval, Intelligence Group (IG) Deputy Commissioner Raniel T. Ramiro and Enforcement and Security Service (ESS) Director Yogi Filemon Ruiz.