Polish Border Guard reinforce Slovenia for increased migratory pressure on the Slovenian-Croatian border

On May 9, the Border Guard begins missions in Slovenia. The trips were organized at the request of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Slovenia. Poles will provide support in connection with the increased migratory pressure on the Slovenian-Croatian border.

10 officers from the Silesian Border Guard Unit left for Slovenia this morning . For the next three weeks, they will be on duty on the border between Slovenia and Croatia. The main task of Polish border guards will be to protect the so-called green border.

Before leaving, they took a week-long course at the Specialist Training Center of the Border Guard in Lubań, during which they trained, among others, in shooting, intervention techniques, moving in a convoy and giving first aid. During the mission, Border Guard officers will meet the local population, therefore they were acquainted with the culture and customs in Slovenia.

Border guards travel to Slovenia in four official vehicles. They also took special technique equipment with them to help them carry out their tasks. As they travel through subsequent countries, they will be escorted by local services.

The commander of the first edition of the departure of Major SG Radoslaw Stryjski – commandant offices SG in Katowice-Pyrzowice. Mr. Major has already participated several times in foreign missions, incl. in Greece and Sicily. His main task in Slovenia will be to coordinate joint services with the Slovenian police, but also with officials from other countries. The operation also involves contingents of border services from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary and Romania. For Polish officers, it will be an excellent platform to exchange experiences and raise their qualifications on the international arena.

Currently, there are five editions of trips of Polish border guards to Slovenia. Each edition is bet on by officers of one branch. In the second contingent in June this year. Border guards from the Carpathian Border Guard Unit will travel .

The details of the joint operation are specified in a bilateral agreement concluded by the Commander-in-Chief of the Border Guard of the Republic of Poland and the Director General of the Police of the Republic of Slovenia.

The Border Guard has already provided similar support to Slovenia in 2016.

Currently, 120 officers of the Border Guard serve abroad, incl. in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain and under a bilateral agreement in the Republic of North Macedonia.