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Polish Border Guard Unit detained 5 people for helping to organize illegal border crossing

Officers from the Border Guard Post in Sejny detained 3 foreigners who were transporting 7 illegal migrants in two cars. The Border Guard patrol near Krejwiany started to inspect two Ford Focus vehicles driving one after the other. The driver of the first vehicle – a Turkish citizen was carrying 4 Iraqi citizens in his car. In the second car, a Turkish citizen and a passenger, an Italian citizen, also transported 3 citizens of Iraq. 

The inspection of the legality of stay carried out by the officers showed that the citizens of Iraq had illegally crossed the border from Lithuania to Poland. They did not have the documents authorizing them to enter and stay in the territory of Poland. Information was obtained from the Lithuanian side that the foreigners had departed from the Center for Foreigners in Rukla. Iraqi citizens were arrested for crossing the Polish-Lithuanian border against the law. Today (February 18, 2022) a border meeting was held, during which the citizens of Iraq were transferred to the Lithuanian side as part of readmission. On the other hand, two Turkish citizens (28 and 21 years old) and a 20-year-old Italian citizen will be accused of assisting in organizing the illegal border crossing.

Another two people were detained by officers from the Border Guard Post in Michałów. In Bachury, a BMW was inspected on German registration numbers. Two Syrian nationals with German residence permits traveled by car and came to pick up illegal migrants. The men (24 and 28) were detained and charged with helping to organize illegal border crossings.

From the beginning of the year, officers from the Podlasie Border Guard Unit detained 22 people for helping to organize illegal border crossing.