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Polish Border Guard Unit prevents the smuggling of illegal tobacco across the border using a drone

Officers from the Podlasie Border Guard Unit prevented the smuggling of illegal tobacco products transported across the border using a drone. A Polish citizen was detained for the case.

On the night of 3/4 July this year. a Border Guard patrol from the Płaska Post, performing tasks in the protection of the state border, noticed a drone with suspended packages flying from Belarus to Poland several times. Around midnight, 2 km from the state border line, the officers located 7 packages wrapped in black foil, which had zip ties for carrying by unmanned aerial vehicles. A 42-year-old Polish citizen, who came to collect the parcel, was also captured in the area of ​​the parcel drop.  

The parcels contained tobacco products without Polish excise stamps. In total, over 98 thousand people were disclosed and secured. illegal cigarettes in the amount exceeding 72 thousand. zloty.

photo Podlaski OSG