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Polish Border Guards intercept 80 migrants who were trying to enter Poland illegally

Officers from the Podlaskie Branch of the Polish Border Guard revealed 80 migrants who were trying to enter Poland illegally. A Georgian citizen who came to collect illegal migrants was also detained.

In the sections protected by the Border Guard Posts in Bobrowniki and Krynki, 23 foreigners who crossed the border river Świsłocz to the Polish side were revealed. Other incidents took place on sections protected by Border Guard Posts in: Mielnik, Czeremsze, Dubicze Cerkiewne, Białowieża, Narewka, Kuźnica, Nowy Dwór and Lipsk. The foreigners came from: Eritrea, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Cameroon, Turkmenistan, Syria, Egypt, Sudan and Iran. Moreover, once again, groups of migrants were noticed approaching the barrier and trying to overcome it. At the sight of Polish services, these groups withdrew deep into Belarus. 

Officers from the Border Guard Post in Bobrowniki in Łużany detained a Georgian citizen who came to pick up 3 Eritrean citizens. The man will be charged with aiding in organizing illegal border crossing.

Since the beginning of the year, officers from the Podlaskie Border Guard Unit, on the section of the border with Belarus, detained 291 helpers in organizing border crossings against the regulations.

Image; Night vision camera reveals illegal border crossing attempt