Record smuggling of methamphetamine

Officers from the Bug River Border Guard Unit and the National Revenue Administration from Dorohusk prevented the smuggling of over 46 kilograms of methamphetamine. The drugs were hidden in a truck driving from Ukraine to Poland. The market value of the detained drugs is over PLN 2.3 million.

Officers from Dorohusk controlled a lorry carrying charcoal from Ukraine to Poland. After scanning the vehicle on an X-ray machine, it turned out that there may be additional cargo hidden in the truck set. Indeed, there were gel-filled packets in the vehicle’s structural lockers. Suspecting that it might be a psychoactive substance, the officers decided to subject it to specialist tests which showed that it was methamphetamine.

In total, the officers disclosed and secured over 46 kilograms of this substance with an estimated value of over PLN 2.3 million.

A driver of a controlled truck, a 25-year-old Ukrainian citizen, was arrested in the case. By court decision, the man was put under a three-month pre-trial detention. The investigation in the case is conducted under the supervision of the Chełm District Prosecutor’s Office.