Rescue operation on the Polish-Belarusian border

During the weekend, 32 people tried to cross the Polish-Belarusian border illegally. Among those detained were citizens of Iraq, Yemen and Syria. Foreigners were captured in sections of the official responsibility of the Border Guard Posts in Michałów, Leipzig, Nowy Dwór and Narewka.

Officers from the Border Guard Post in Narewka today, on February 28, at night once again carried out a successful rescue operation. An Iraqi citizen and a Syrian citizen, after crossing the border illegally, got lost and got stuck in the swamps and backwaters of the Narew River. A unit of the State Fire Service from Hajnówka was also called to take action. The foreigners were found in good health, provided with dry clothes and warm meals.

Last weekend, 6 people suspected of organizing and assisting in crossing the state border against the law were also detained. In addition, today only 14 foreigners (citizens of Somalia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Yemen) have been detained shortly after crossing the border by the services of the Border Guard Post in Mielnik.