Six Tajik citizens who illegally crossed the Polish-Lithuanian border and a Lithuanian citizen detained

Officers from the SG Post in Augustów detained six Tajik citizens who illegally crossed the Polish-Lithuanian border. A Lithuanian citizen was also detained for organizing foreigners crossing the border against the law.

Officers of the Border Guard in Augustów detained for the bus control on Lithuanian registration numbers. In addition to the driver, six Tajik citizens travelled by car. It turned out that a 39-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman and their four minor children did not have any documents entitling them to enter and stay in Poland. It was established that foreigners had left the center for foreigners in Podbrodzie, Lithuania, and planned to reach Germany. They were last transferred to the Lithuanian side as part of readmission. The 23-year-old Lithuanian citizen who organized the project was charged. The man voluntarily submitted to a one-year imprisonment suspended for 3 years.