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Smiths Detection Selected to Deploy Cargo Inspection Technology to Itapoá Port, Brazil

Smiths Detection announced today that it has delivered a HCVM XT cargo inspection
system to Itapoá Port in Brazil. The new system, which meets the latest Brazilian image quality
requirements set out by the COANA regulations, will be used to screen export cargo for threats
and undeclared goods, while helping to maintain the constant flow of trade.

Equipped with Smiths Detection cargo screening technology and cutting-edge software, the
HCVM XT system discriminates between materials and reduces the movement of illegal
substances and goods contained in trucks or cargo containers and is capable of screening
through 320mm of steel. This in combination with its minimal footprint and high mobility, which
will enable the customs authorities to screen for threats with ease.

Danyel DeVoe, VP of Sales & Marketing at Smiths Detection said, “We are delighted to be
providing the HCVM XT to the Itapoá Port, becoming the first installation of this system in Latin
America. Capable of meeting Brazil’s COANA regulations, and able to be integrated with
automatic threat recognition software to further improve performance and extend equipment life,
we are confident that this system will be used by the Port for many years to come.”