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Smuggled cigarettes transported by drone

Romanian Border guards on a border surveillance mission, noticed, in the direction of Porumbești spotted a drone carrying a package. Following the investigation of the area, the border police found, near the town, about 2 km from the border with Ukraine, two people who took a package wrapped in black foil and loaded it into a car.

The Ukrainian border authorities were informed about this event as soon as possible, in order to jointly investigate the case.

The people, the car and the package were transported to the headquarters of the sector, where, following the inventory of cigarettes, the amount of 500 packs of cigarettes from duty free shops resulted, amounting to 5,850 lei.

The car – worth 35,000 lei – and the cigarettes were seized for confiscation, and the border police are conducting investigations in terms of committing the crime of smuggling, under the guidance of the case prosecutor from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Satu Mare Court.