Smugglers Drive Marijuana Load Vehicle Into the Rio Grande

US Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents interdicted two narcotic smuggling attempts resulting in 380 pounds of marijuana seized and a vehicle partially submerged in the river.

On August 27,Brownsville Border Patrol Station agents attempted to interdict a Chevrolet Suburban believed to have loaded narcotics near the Rio Grande in Brownsville. Responding agents observed the vehicle drive toward and into the river. The driver and a passenger were observed going into Mexico, leaving behind the Suburban with 10 bundles of marijuana weighing more than 220 pounds and valued at more than 192,000 USD.

Early the following morning, Rio Grande City Border Patrol Station agents responded to illicit activity near Cuevitas and located four bundles of marijuana abandoned in the brush. Agents searched the area and did not locate any additional bundles or smugglers. The marijuana weighed approximately 160 pounds and valued at almost more than 128,000 USD.