Smuggling of 1,500 bundles of cigarettes between a load of sand

The Argentine National Gendarmerie seized 1,500 packets of cigarettes that were transported hidden in sand. The event took place in the province of Formosa.

The officers of Squadron 5 “Pirané” were carrying out controls on the Fixed Patrol located at the intersection of National Route No. 81 and Provincial Route No. 3, stopping a truck.

At the time of the inspection, the uniformed officers observed that the driver was showing signs of nervousness, which led to a more exhaustive search in the sector of the semi-trailer where sand was being moved.

Immediately, the gendarmes using shovels managed to find 1,500 cigarette packs that were distributed within seven plastic boxes among the construction material.

The Federal Court No. 1 of Formosa ordered the seizure of the merchandise in violation of Law 22.415 “Customs Code” and as for the person involved, it was subject to the cause.