Smuggling over 50 kilos of marijuana

2.6 million zlotys – this is the value of drugs arrested by Border Guard officers from Zgorzelec. Police officers revealed 58 kilograms of marijuana in the cabin of the inspected truck. The driver of the car was arrested by the court for 3 months.

Officers from the Border Guard Post in Zgorzelec, during the implementation of sanitary and road controls in the area of ​​the A4 motorway, selected a truck for inspection, in which a 46-year-old Polish citizen entered our country. The unusual behavior of the driver and the unusual appearance of the cabin aroused suspicions by the officers who meticulously searched the car.

In the driver’s cabin, officers found 56 bags filled with marijuana. The drug was transported under the upholstery in specially prepared lockers. It was 58.3 kg of marijuana with a black market value of over PLN 2,621,000.

The 46-year-old was detained. On the same day he heard the allegation of intra-Community transport of narcotic substances. The court arrested the man for three months.