Spanish Civil Guard detains 7 members of a family clan dedicated to money laundering cash from drug trafficking

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the AVUS operation, has dismantled a family clan that laundered capital from drug trafficking, detaining 7 people and investigating two others.

The operation has managed to rebuild money laundering operations worth 3,400,000 euros and the seizure of 13 real estate and 8 motor vehicles has been decreed, as well as the blocking and seizure of 17 bank products.

The operation began in 2019, when the agents had suspicions that a well-known lieutenant of the Chestnut clan could have laundered a significant sum of capital from drug trafficking. After a long investigation, the Civil Guard learned that one of those investigated, known as “GARRAPI”, used very close relatives to be able to launder the abundant benefits obtained from his involvement with drug trafficking.

Among the relatives who were being investigated and who GARRAPI would have taken advantage of their blood ties and they by ostensibly improving their standard of living, were their grandparents, parents, their brothers and brothers-in-law, as well as their partner.

Movable property

The members of the clan acquired personal property in their name outside the scope of their legal income capabilities, using a significant amount of cash in most of their financial operations. To do this, they used money remittances under the guise of so-called lottery prizes.

Home building

Another way they used to launder money was through the construction of luxury homes, newly created, after acquiring plots or demolishing old houses and rebuilding them new, with the best possible qualities. In the acquisition of houses and in the works they would have laundered two million euros.

Likewise, the properties were built and furnished with first quality and high-end brands, also highlighting the amount of clothing and fashion accessories purchased in luxury brand boutiques located on the Costa de Sol, paying for these products with cash.

Acquisition of vehicles

Between 2012 and 2018, the organization would have acquired 26 vehicles, some high-end, valued at 440,000 euros.

Wills, inheritances and donations

Likewise, the properties that had been placed in the name of his grandparents, were transferred through inheritances and titles of wills under lawful appearance, to his grandson, instituted as heir to all his assets, rights and actions above others heirs by law. They also used donations to cover up the actual dominance of an acquisition.

Lottery prizes

Another part of the money that the clan used for acquisitions it did through lottery prizes. In just one year, this family received the National Lottery prize 8 times and several coupons from the ONCE, reaching the amount collected 444,000 euros.

Bank accounts and financial products
The organization used figureheads to open accounts in banking entities in which small income was made. It should be noted that these income were not compatible with income from work performance or legal economic activities since there was a total of 400,000 euros in the accounts.

Real estate and commercial income

Some of the properties acquired by the clan were leased which provided laundered and periodic income to its members. In addition, they laundered money by investing in a grocery business in La Linea de la Concepción, maintaining the income that the premises produced.

The investment in this business is carried out with laundered funds generated in illicit drug trafficking activities, which does not require external financing or savings from legal activities, causing a situation of “unfair competition” with respect to other businesses created. with funds of legal origin and the consequent effort involved in setting up a business.

The operation has been developed by the investigators of the OCON-SUR Money Laundering Group and has been directed by the Investigating Court number 5 of La Línea under the supervision of the Special Anti-Drug Prosecutor’s Office of the Algeciras Court.