Spanish Civil Guard rescues a minor captured by a Belgian jihadist

Agents of the Spanish Civil Guard and the Federal Police of Belgium have arrested a Belgian citizen in an anti-terrorist operation in the town of Verviers (Belgium) in which a Spanish minor who had been missing from her home since the beginning has been released and rescued. of the month of July.

The investigations of the Information Service of the Civil Guard in the fight against jihadist radicalization made it possible to detect the actions of a 34-year-old man of Belgian nationality, who was allegedly radicalizing the Spanish minor. The police work managed to determine that this person was constantly sending propaganda material of a terrorist nature to the minor.

The young woman left her family home on July 2 for Belgium in the company of people belonging to an alleged terrorist recruitment structure based in that country. After her escape and based on the evidence of a possible radicalization, the Civil Guard together with the Prosecutor’s Office and the Central Court for Minors of the National Court tried to locate the minor before the possibility of transferring her to some stage with terrorist acts.

As a result of the investigation with the Belgian Federal Police, on July 15 this man was arrested in the Belgian town of Verviers and the release of the Spanish minor was achieved, on whom a European and International Arrest Order had been issued. by the Central Court for Minors of the National High Court.