Spanish Civil Guard seizes about 5 tons of hashish from an organization based in the province of Almería

Spanish Civil Guard, within the framework of the “Guerrero” operation, has detained 8 people, including the head of the network, belonging to a criminal organization that introduced large amounts of hashish with pleasure boats along the coast of Almeria. 

About 5 tons of hashish, 6 vehicles, 50,785 euros, electronic and communication equipment have been intervened in the operation. The operation began in April, when Civil Guard agents who were at the Almerimar Marina in El Ejido, observed two people inside a vehicle, in a vigilant attitude and carrying out maneuvers, which raised suspicions of the agents. Later, the same agents were able to observe how a cargo van quickly entered the said port. 

For this reason, the agents verified in the place, the identity of the owner of the first vehicle, this being a person with a history of drug trafficking, so the suspicion was raised that these people were going to carry out a drug transport. An hour after the suspects were detected, the van proceeded to leave the port, so the agents proceeded to follow the vehicle arriving at a nearby urbanization. Inside the urbanization, the Civil Guard intercepts the van, at which point the driver tries to get away putting the acting agents in danger. 

Once the contents of the vehicle have been inspected, 59 bales of hashish are found inside, weighing 1,770 kilos, which is why the driver is arrested. At that time, while they proceeded to arrest the driver, the agents were able to observe how the two people who were traveling in tourism, and who had stayed outside the urbanization, enter it and when they saw the police action they fled on foot. 

Civil Guard seizes about 5 tons of hashish from an organization based in the province of Almería

Subsequently, the agents detain one of them, after resisting, to avoid his arrest. On the other hand, in the vicinity where the cache took place, a Citizen Security patrol identifies three people who are on the run when they notice the police presence. These people are later related to the “colla” (the people in charge of unloading the caches). After these arrests, investigations are started to arrest the other person who fled and the rest of the organization.