SpearUAV has unveiled its Ninox family of encapsulated drones for border security, HLS and defence applications

Instantly launched and intuitively operated, the drones provide on-demand and on-the-move intelligence capabilities that create new dimensions in the field.

Compared to traditional drones of similar capabilities, Ninox offers both operational affordability and flexibility: the drones can be launched manually or from a grenade launcher by individual operators, from a stationary or mobile land platform, or from an aerial or maritime system. Ruggedized and built to withstand extreme environmental conditions and vibrations, Ninox is available in a range of drone and capsule sizes, and can be easily customized to meet customer requirements.

Requiring no deployment, the Ninox system comprises a drone, launched at high speed from the launcher, which then immediately unfolds and stabilizes in the air without operator intervention. There are currently three solutions in the Ninox family: Ninox 40, Ninox 66 and Ninox 103.