Surveillance from the air captures Eight people entering Germany illegally

German Federal Police Inspectorate was informed that there was a larger group of people on the connecting road between Liebenau and Breitenau, which looked unusual.

An immediately deployed patrol by the federal police discovered a total of four people in this area, who had apparently been smuggled into Germany shortly before.

After a first police questioning it turned out that this group was used to smuggle more people into the country. For this reason, other people were searched in the immediate vicinity.

Shortly afterwards, the crew of a police helicopter used for the search discovered four other people in the Breitenau area who were hiding in the undergrowth.

According to initial police investigations, the eight people smuggled, including from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

All eight people were not able to produce any residence permit documents and were brought to the premises of the federal police for further questioning.