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The illegal tobacco cutter was closed

Officers from the Operations and Investigations Department of the Border Guard in Przemyśl, together with the officers of the Silesian Customs and Tax Office (KAS) in Katowice, conducted activities related to the illegal production of excise goods on the territory of Poland. The collected materials indicated that the criminal practice could have taken place on private property located in the Nowosolski poviat (Lubuskie voivodeship). In the traced cutting plant, the officers secured the transport of raw tobacco and smoking tobacco along with the processing line for dried tobacco. Almost 7.9 tons of raw tobacco and 726 kg of smoking tobacco were secured in the warehouse hall and the truck.  

Illegal tobacco, raw tobacco and a tobacco cutting machine were delivered to the warehouses of the Silesian KAS. Two men were arrested at the scene, residents of the province. Lubuskie, who heard the prosecutor’s charges. In relation to the detained, the prosecutor applied preventive measures in the form of bail and police supervision. Further actions in these cases will be carried out by the Silesian Customs and Tax Office in Katowice under the supervision of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Zielona Góra. The proceedings will allow to determine the other organizers and the duration of the illegal practice as well as the losses of the State Treasury.