The smuggling of archaeological monuments was prevented

The smuggling of over 460 archaeological relics was prevented at the crossing in Hrebenne by officers from the Bug River Border Guard Department and the Lublin National Tax Administration. The officers detained, inter alia, clay vessels, stone hatchets and elements of other stone tools, including those from the Neolithic period.

The smuggling was detected after the Border Guard officers selected a truck entering Poland for a detailed inspection. The man,  a Polish citizen, did not report the exhibits brought to our country, he hid them in the cabin of the vehicle. In connection with the smuggling attempt, the customs and treasury officers initiated criminal fiscal proceedings against him. The driver said the goods were not his property. M IAL only carry him to the Polish n the request of a friend, who found the items in the river Prut on the Moldovan-Romanian border.

The products detained by officers are elements of ceramics and stone monuments. Among them, we can identify, for example, stone hatchets, weaving sinkers, fragments of medieval vessels and semi-finished flint tools, e.g. the so-called. “Chips” (flake stone serving as a cutting tool). In total, 463 items were secured, the historic value of which will be determined by an appraiser.