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The smuggling of illegal tobacco products flown across the border by a drone has been thwarted

The Border Guard patrol from Kuźnica noticed an object flying from Belarus to Poland. It was established that it was an unmanned aerial vehicle, the so-called a drone that dropped its load 900 meters from the state border and returned to Belarus. At the location of the drop, three people were observed who wanted to drive away after picking up the load. Officers attempted to inspect the vehicle. The driver did not react to their signals to stop  – he  tried to ram the officers. During the escape from the car, four packages were thrown. On the other hand, a vehicle belonging to a Polish citizen was found in a forest with two Belarusians next to it. A Polish citizen who, as it turned out, fled the scene, was found at his place of residence. All three were arrested.

In total, the officers revealed 2,000 in secured packages. packs of cigarettes without Polish excise stamps worth nearly 30 thousand. PLN. The detained two Belarusian citizens, aged 31 and 35, and a 39-year-old Polish citizen were charged under the fiscal penal code. In addition, a Polish citizen was charged with an active attack on a Border Guard officer. The investigation into this matter is being carried out by the Border Guard Post in Kuźnica under the supervision of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Sokółka.