The Spanish Civil Guard carries out drill exercises with new technological tools to search for missing persons

The Spanish Civil Guard has carried out a drill-exercise in the town of Cercedilla (Madrid) to put into practice new technological solutions that will improve the effectiveness of the Corps in the search for missing persons.

The new technologies tested have integrated terrestrial means (search teams), unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), mobile means (motorcycle and off-road vehicles) and canine means (person search dogs).

The drill-exercise has brought together more than 200 agents from various specialties of the Corps (Computer Service, Mountain Service, SEPRONA, Air Service, Rapid Action Group and GRS and Security No. 1).

In addition, it has had the collaboration of computer and telecommunications engineers from the Department of Physics, Engineering and Systems of the Higher Polytechnic School of the University of Alicante, as well as the supervision of personnel from the National Center for the Disappeared, and the collaboration of the Technological Center of the Ministry of the Interior.

This joint exercise is the first to be carried out in Spain, with the Civil Guard being a pioneer in integrating the new technological solutions of the Corps and the Ministry of the Interior to search for the disappeared.

During this practice, the intense work carried out in recent years in the technological field between the Civil Guard and the Technological Center of the Ministry of the Interior has been revealed, and that will undoubtedly serve to improve police effectiveness.

Locating missing persons alive is a priority. For this reason, the Civil Guard has been carrying out intense work in recent years to improve technological tools to improve searches for the disappeared, such as the ALERTCOPS mobile phone application, as well as in the development of its own technological solutions, such as computer applications. GIS DISAPPEARED and I STILL MOBILITY.

This day has served, in a particular way, when organizing the search for people who disappear in the territorial demarcation of the Corps, where the first hours of the search are the most important to take into account for their location.