The Spanish Civil Guard dismantles an organization that introduced hashish along the coast of Malaga

Spanish Civil Guard has dismantled a criminal organization that introduced hashish along the coast of Malaga. In the operation called Kroll, 20 people have been arrested and another 13 investigated.

The operation began in March when the Civil Guard identified several Cuban nationals who provided fuel to drug traffickers, known as petaqueros.

The agents discover that the organization refuels the powerful semi-rigid boats that cross the Strait of Gibraltar.

After some time carrying out refueling, the organization manages to obtain liquidity to carry out operations and thus introduce hashish on the coast through recreational boats.

The recreational boats that are seamed -with double bottoms-, load the bales brought by the semi-rigid boats from Morocco on the high seas. Once the transshipment has been carried out, they are transported to the marinas in the province of Malaga or to a beach where they unload the bales of hashish.

The organization was led by a Spanish citizen with a long history of drug trafficking, and his deputy was a Cuban citizen. The branch led by his lieutenant also occupied luxury homes.

OCON SUR investigators found out that those identified lived in luxury villas on the Costa del Sol. As they know, they normally occupied homes of foreign residents that were exchanged in such a way that they never left the residences empty.

On the other hand, the organization was also made up of natives of the area with which they achieved an exhaustive control of the places they used to dispose of hashish.

The eight searches authorized by the Court of First Instance of Instruction number 4 of Estepona have been carried out in the towns of Marbella, Estepona, San Roque and La Línea de la Concepción.

Operation KROLL concluded with the arrest of 20 people and 13 investigated. In addition, 900 kilograms of hashish, three off-road vehicles, four boats, as well as 2,275 liters of fuel for narcolanchas have been seized.