The Spanish Civil Guard intervenes in Pinto (Madrid) more than 145,000 counterfeit or dangerous toys for the health and safety of children

The Spanish Civil Guard, in an inspection to verify and prevent the illegal distribution and sale of toys, has investigated a person as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against industrial property, and intervened more than 145,000 toys.

Agents of the Fiscal and Airport Unit of the Civil Guard Command in Madrid, in collaboration with the General Sub-Directorate of Consumer Inspection and Market Control of the Community of Madrid, proceeded to inspect a warehouse dedicated to the storage and sale of toys to the wholesale located in the Polígono Industrial de Pinto (Madrid). The police device began after the Civil Guard became aware of how in this ship, it was run by citizens of Asian origin, counterfeit toys were stored and marketed that allegedly infringed the industrial property of different brands of recognized reputation.

From the result of the inspection, a total of 145,657 fake toys or toys dangerous for the health and safety of children of different brands and models were intervened.

On the one hand, 134,120 toys were intervened that did not comply with the requirements of the European regulations on the safety of toys and, on the other, 11,535 toys that allegedly infringe the industrial and intellectual property rights of various registered trademarks.

In the same warehouse the agents have also found bags of toys in bulk, plastic blister and boxes silkscreened as the counterfeit brands.

The intervened products come mainly from the Asian market and arrived at the ship disassembled to avoid customs and police controls and thus avoid detection, where they were later assembled and assembled to be marketed outside the established legal channels.

In addition, during the inspection, pyrotechnic effects of category F1 were found irregularly stored, amounting to a total of 6,000 containers of bomblets.

A person has been proposed for sanction before the competent authority and investigated as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against industrial property.

Toys that have been intervened pose a risk to consumers, not only because of the danger implied by the size of the pieces, but also because they lacked security controls and mostly the labeling or formal defects in it; In breach of all of them the safety regulations for toys. They also represent an obvious risk to the health and safety of minors as they are made with poor quality materials.