The Spanish National Police detain five members of a criminal group dedicated to drug trafficking linked to the Hells Angels gang

Spanish National Police agents, in a joint operation with the NSK of the Danish National Police and EUROPOL, have arrested five people -two in Malaga and three in Denmark- members of a criminal group dedicated to drug trafficking linked to the biker gang Hell’s Angels.

The members of this organization – members or aspirants to the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang – would have introduced more than 3.5 tons of hashish into the Scandinavian country, using live animal transport. The police operation has been carried out jointly between the Spanish and Danish Police, and 59,000 euros have been seized in a house in Spain and hashish in Denmark.

The NSK (Special Crimes Unit) of the Danish National Police began an investigation years ago into this criminal organization whose members are members or aspirants of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang, dedicated to the distribution of hashish in Copenhagen and surrounding cities.

As a result of this investigation, the agents verified in December 2022 the presence in Marbella of two members of the organization, a Danish former member of Hells Angels and an aspiring motorcycle gang. These people had the function of contacting hashish suppliers in Morocco, organizing its introduction into Spain and subsequent shipment to Denmark. Both members of the group were High Value Targets for the Danish country and had a record in Spain, having been arrested in 2022 in relation to a settling of scores between this Danish criminal organization and a Polish one, in addition to other arrests for drug trafficking and crimes. associates.

They transported the drug hidden between loads of live animals

As a result of this finding, a joint investigation was initiated in both countries, which made it possible to prove that the organization had introduced at least 3.5 tons of hashish into Denmark, using live animal transport, to be subsequently distributed to medium- and small-scale traffickers.

On May 31, the exploitation of the operation was carried out jointly between specialists from Europol and the Danish and Spanish investigation groups, with agents from the two countries participating in the various records. In them, 59,000 euros were located in a house in Spain and hashish in Denmark, in addition to numerous computer and telephone equipment used by the organization as a security measure for its communications. In addition, five people have been arrested, two of them in Malaga and another three in the Danish country.

Research co-financed by the European Union in the EMPACT framework

The investigation has been carried out by agents of the National Police jointly with the Danish National Police within the framework of EMPACT (European Multidisciplinary Platform against Criminal Threats). Through this framework, European Union Member States, agencies and other EU partners work closely together to tackle major criminal threats through joint operational actions designed to disrupt criminal networks, their structures and business models. . The research carried out in this framework has been co-financed by the European Union within the support given to Member States to combat crime in fields such as cannabis, heroin and cocaine trafficking, among other matters.