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The Spanish National Police detains a priority fugitive for the United Kingdom belonging to the Irish Kinahan clan

Agents of the National Police have arrested in Mallorca a dangerous Irish fugitive member of the Kinahan clan, a priority objective of the NCA -National Crime Agency- of the United Kingdom, for leading a criminal organization that was dedicated to trafficking firearms in the country British.

The fugitive led an arms trafficking organization with which he was engaged in buying numerous pistols and submachine guns to later sell them to other organizations. Many of these firearms he specifically bought with systems that did not leave fingerprints so that he could commit crimes, making the work of the police difficult. Such was the magnitude of this organization that he received an order from another organization for 14 firearms in a single batch.

During the NCA investigation in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, several members of the organization to which the person arrested belongs to were arrested for these crimes and for drug trafficking, coming to find numerous short arms, submachine guns and lots of ammo.

He went to Mallorca to hold a family reunion

With the NCA investigation concluded and all the necessary evidence against the fugitive gathered, he fled to Dubai, where he continued to lead his high-end lifestyle and operate the organization from a distance.

After a lengthy investigation, the NCA was able to discover that the fugitive had recently traveled to Mallorca to secretly meet with his family, so the British agents contacted the Fugitive Location Section of the National Police to request inquiries about his whereabouts.

Given the criminal profile of the defendant, his dangerousness and the possibility that he could be seized with firearms, an investigation was launched that, after several investigations, allowed the agents to locate a vehicle that the fugitive could be using. After focusing the search on the area, the fugitive was located and, after organizing the operation, he was arrested.